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             Product/Description                    Part#       P/Case   P/Pallet 
 Air Tool Oil 12oz SUPS-148     12 105 Cases
 ATF DEX/Mercon 32oz SUPS-26      12  
 ATF Mercon V 32oz SUPS-225      12  
 ATF Mercon VI 32oz SUPS-228      12  
 Brake Fluid Dot3 1Gal SUPS-33       3  
 Brake Fluid Dot4 12oz SUPS-431      12  
 Diesel Conditioner 12oz SUPS-5156      12  
 Fuel Injector Cleaner 12oz SUPS-5113      12  
 Gas Treament 12oz SUPS-5108      12  
 Gear Oil GL1-90 32oz BK ORDER      12  
 Gear Oil GL1-90 1Gal SUPS-21-3       3  
 Gear Oil GL1-140 32oz BK ORDER     12  
 Gear Oil GL1-140 1Gal SUPS-22-3       3  
 Gear Oil GL1-140 5Gal SUPS-9       1  
 Gear Oil GL5-80W90 32oz SUPS-80W90      12  
 Gear Oil GL5-85W140 32oz SUPS-85W140      12  
 Gear Oil Synthetic GL5-75W90 32oz SUPS-75W90      12  
 Gear Oil Synthetic GL5-75W140 32oz SUPS-75W140      12  
 Grease Multipurpose 1LB                       SUPS-66-1               12  

          Product/Description                  Part#      P/Case   P/Pallet 
 Grease Multipurpose Tube 14oz SUPS-66     12 105 Cases
 Grease Red Hi Temp Tube 14oz SUPS-67      12  
 Hydraulic Oil AW32 1Gal SUPS-36-3       3  
 Hrdraulic Oil AW68 5Gal SUPS-AW68       1  
 Motor Oil Multi-Flo 5W20 SM API 32oz SUPS-5W20      12  
 Motor Oil Multi-Flo 5W30 SM API 32oz SUPS-5W30      12  
 Motor Oil Multi-Flo 10W30 SM API 32oz SUPS-10W30QTS      12  
 Motor Oil Multi-Flo 10W40 SM API 32oz SUPS-10W40QTS      12  
 Motor Oil Multi-Flo 20W50 SM API 32oz SUPS-20W50QTS      12  
 Octane Booster 12oz SUPS-5118     12  
 Oil Treament 12oz SUPS-5105      12  
 Power Steering Fluid 12oz SUPS-5150      12  
 Power Steering Fluid 1Gal SUPS-129/3       3  
 Synthetic Motor Oil 5W20 32oz SUPS-391       6  
 Synthetic Motor Oil 5W30 32oz SUPS-393       6  
 Synthetic Motor Oil 10W30 32oz SUPS-350       6  
 Transmission Synthetic Fluid 50 5Gal SUPS-219       1  
 Two Cycle Oil TCW3 32oz SUPS-176      12  
 Two Cycle Oil Universal 32oz SUPS-119      12  


       Part#            P/Case   P/Pallet 
 Two Cycle Oil Universal 3.2oz    SUPS-81     48 105 Cases

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