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Product Catalog

JOHNSEN'S Product Catalog

Click on the products below to see what they look like. Please note the product number and place your order by clicking here.



      Part#         P/Case     P/Pallet  
 Battery Terminal Cleaner 9oz JOH-4606      12   72 Boxes
 Battery Terminal Protector 7.5oz JOH-4605      12   72 Boxes
 Brake Cleaner 14oz JOH-2413       12   72 Boxes
 Carb Cleaner 10oz JOH-4641       12   72 Boxes
 Carb Cleaner 16oz JOH-4642      12   72 Boxes
 Electronic Cleaner 10oz JOH-4600      12   72 Boxes
 Engine Degreaser 16oz JOH-4644      12    72 Boxes
 Engine Flush 32oz JOH-4608      12   50 Boxes
 Pag 46 w/dye 8oz JOH-6812UV-6       6  236 Boxes
 Pag 46 wo/dye 8oz JOH-6812-6       6  282 Boxes
 Pag 100 w/dye 8oz JOH-6816UV-6       6  236 Boxes
 Pag 100 wo/dye 8oz JOH-6816-6       6  282 Boxes
 Pag 150 w/dye 8oz JOH-6822UV-6       6  236 Boxes
 Pag 150 wo/dye 8oz JOH-6822-6       6  282 Boxes
 Penetrating Oil 10oz JOH-4602      12   72 Boxes 
 Refrigerant 134A 12oz JOH-6312       12 105 Boxes
 Refrigerant 134A 30lb JOH-6330        1   40 Units
 Silicone Lubricant 10oz JOH-4603      12   72 Boxes
 Smoke Eliminator 14.5oz JOH-4626      12   72 Boxes

  ADB Auto also has other Johnsen's products available that are not listed on this 

  catalog. Please contact us for more information on Johnsen's Product line.

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