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ADB Automotive Inc.‘s history started several years ago when Fransico Almaguer and son Bryan Almaguer started their career in the Automotive business.

Francisco started in the Automotive business as a career many years ago. Soon his son Bryan Almaguer joined forces with his father and they both decided to move the family business to Miami, Florida. The moment that ADB Automotive Inc. was based in Miami it was no longer after that, that the exporting started. From there the company has grown and is now providing service Worldwide.


Ever since Bryan Almaguer has been traveling worldwide to establish new clientele and make new business conections in the Automotive Industry. Bryan travels around the world going from tradeshow to tradeshow to keep peoples interest in his company and Thanks to that, ADB Automotive Inc. is now one of the biggest Automotive and product exported based out of Miami. Also due to the fact that we have the Port of Miami & Port Everglades makes it much easier for ADB Automotive Inc. to ship out container/s on a constant basis.

Even years later, the local Automotive retail businesses are still among ADB Automotive Inc.‘s regular customers and many more have joined them – from retail to hardware and marine stores: ADB Automotive Inc. currently supplies a wide variety of customers. Fransico, Bryan, and their company is considered to be a specialist for all kinds of automotive parts and products in the wholesale and export market worldwide as well.

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