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 We are family owned and operated business, founded by Francisco and Bryan Almaguer.  Francisco began his automotive career in Puerto Rico in 1977 and Bryan followed on his father's footsteps earlier on by going to work with his father on the weekends as early as 10 years old.  In 1994 is when Bryan fully joined his father and they have been together in this journey ever since.  

We carry a wide variety of products for the following industries:

Automtotive, Heavy Duty Trucks, Farm Equipment, Marine, Hardware

We proudly service customers in Miami-Dade, Florida Keys, Broward Palm Beach; making daily deliveries to our customers. 


We would like to thank all of our customers as well as our vendors for your continous support!


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Monthly Special:


 We have a special price on a full container of 1 gallon Purple

Tuff Bottles. Please call ADB Auto at the number listed below

or contact your sales rep for more information.



Call us at (305) 836-4222 or Fill out the Contact Form to place your order!

Multi-Purpose Use

Our Purple Tuff Degreaser can be used for multi-purpose

cleaning. It can be used for marine, indutrial, home and

many other applications.

Commercial Use

Here's a short video of our Purple Tuff Degreaser 

being used to clean a Commercial Truck.

New Product from Scepter Flo n Go !

Scepter easy to use gas can.



There are many questions we get asked again and again.

Maybe your question is one of them. Please check our FAQs for a quick answer to your question.


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